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What is Scalp Micro-pigmentation?

SMP gives you the illusion of a fuller head of hair, Lets get your confidence back!

Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) is the quickest, safest and less invasive way to fix hair loss.. for good! You are probably asking yourself, but what is it? SMP is actually a type of tattoo. It is done with the highest quality pigments, the artist replicates hair follicles using a single needle to place pigment about 1-2mm into the skin, where it will blend with your natural follicles. Creating these fake hair follicles gives the illusion of a darker, fuller, healither looking scalp. This technique is perfect for hiding any pattern of hair loss. SMP is good for both men AND women, bald OR thinning hair.  SMP is not just a "tattoo". It needs to be done by a highly skilled practitioner that had been properly trained. Done by the wrong person you are putting yourself at risk. 

Sounds amazing doesn't it?

Smp is very carefully placed in the upper dermis. This means over time it will fade, so a 3-5 year touch up is required to keep it looking fresh! A refresher should only be done if the pigment has faded.

This procedure consists of 3 paid sessions that are 2 weeks apart. A month later there is 1 FREE session to ensure proper healing, photos and perfecting the blend. Price depends on hair loss pattern. Please email Czarina (book now button on home page) to book a free in person consult.


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